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what can i submit?

Read A Scripture
Share A Prayer
Read A Poem
Perform A Praise Dance
Sing A Song
Share A Testimony

Whatever it is, it should be encouraging!

How Do I Record?

1.  It is best to recording using the camera on the back of your phone.  If the is not possible the front will suffice, but again, rear cameras are generally better quality.  Understand that recording from the back can be tricky and is best done with a tripod or another person holding the phone to record.

2.  Turn your phone sideways (horizontal).  This will record your video to TV dimensions.

3.  Please record in a well lit area.  Mobile device cameras need a lot of light to perform at their best.

4.  Please record in a quiet area.  You can use bluetooth headphones if you would like, though they are not necessary if you speak loudly.

5.  Please leave a 2 second pause in front and in the back of your video.  Simply put, hit record, take a few breaths then start, and when finished, pause for a few seconds before you hit stop.

That’s it!  Eezie Peezie Lemon Squeezie!